Good morning!

Good morning, you lovely people! What are you doing up on this dreary autumn day?

Me, I’ve spent the day toying with social media, creating new teasers, and even a little editing on Gladys! I’ve got to buckle down and get her taken care of. Can’t wait!

Wherever you’re at, hope your morning is a good one!




Good Morning!

Good morning, dear people of the webiverse! How goeth your Wednesday rush to the Thursday tryptophan induce napping? Mine’s good. Sitting here, looking out the window. What a gorgeous, gorgeous world. Love it.

Have a beautiful day today, my dears! ❤


Echo Shea

Good Morning, Sweet Darlings!

Good morning, sweet darlings! What do you all have on the agenda for today?
Me, I’ve worked out some facts for my character. Thought deep and meaningful thoughts on time management skills, how I don’t have them, who I need to rob to get them.
Saw the morning sun dusting pink to the horizon as I was tugged along behind a hamster on a string–okay, a Chihuahua. I think the other is a little more accurate though. 🙂
And now, I’m left thinking about big things, small things, somewhat medium size things. ❤ Hopefully I can write more to Gladys. ❤
Wherever you are, I hope you have a fantastic day! Mwah!
Echo Shea

Author Echo Shea

Tinfoil Hat of My Own
by Echo Shea

‪#‎fantasy‬ ‪#‎paranormal‬ ‪#‎werewolves‬

Bikers are sort of pissy. So are werewolves.

Dealing with the devastating end to her long-term relationship with Cobweb, Eunice decides to pick up the broken pieces of her heart and glue them back together with the healing song of nature and a nourishing brandy to replenish the soul.

As evening falls on her drunken pity party in the park, it’s time to head home and deal with the consequences of the not-so-anonymous tip to the cops and what she may or may not have done to Cobweb’s bike–and clubhouse.

All thoughts of that end when something bigger than a pissed off biker gets ahold of her–nothing says burning calories like booking it through woods with a mermaid-killing werewolf at your heels.

Will Cobweb miss her? Will Eunice survive?

Friendship, bikers, werewolves, and repurposed tinfoil. Some stories just have it all.


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Author Echo Shea

echo manorManor of Sweet Souls: Gladys Celebrates:

Gladys is a troll you don’t want to mess with. A guardian to the portal, it’s Gladys’s job to keep that which goes bump in the night and shines so pretty in the day!

No body’s stuffing this troll under a bridge. Put a little Gladys in your life. #fantasy #urbanfantasy #paranormal #Amazon #freebook #freebieFriday #booklove



Roane Publishing–for those outside the US and those who want more free reads:'s Gladys

Author Echo Shea

༺❃༻Light a Candle for the Beast༺❃༻

Beauty and the Beast was never so thrilling–revenge and haunting regrets create an #urbanfantasy #fairytale to leave you on the edge until the very end….

In a dark and twisted tale, Echo Shea has given us, pain, loss, torture, revenge and finally emotional healing. Light a Candle for the Beast has depth, atmosphere and a dark fairytale feel that will hold you spellbound from start to finish. Not only does Ms. Shea know how to evoke connection and emotions, she has done it in very few pages. You will walk away satisfied, and slightly mystified at how this author could complete a novel’s worth of story in a short read that can be finished over lunch or when one has a few moments of quiet time to slip away into another world.”—Tome Tender, 5 stars

“This book put a wonderful spin on the Beauty and the Beast! I love how the author incorporated one of my favorite fairytales and turned it into a new age story with a twist. Echo Shea has a great way with words and an eye for detail. She kept the story flowing seamlessly while keeping the reader intrigued and excited. She brings out the emotions in her characters wonderfully. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick read that’ll keep you clinging on from beginning to end. Excellent job Ms, Shea!”—My Book Angel, 5 stars

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Author Echo Shea

Portals: A Fantasy Anthology

#fantasy #urbanfantasy #steampunk #romance #RoaneBooks

5* #review: “This is a wonderful collection of stories that I enjoyed very much. Adventure, suspense, and magic at every turn by a group of highly talented and imaginative authors that will pull you into their worlds. Loved it and highly recommend!”

From witches and dragons to child stealing banshees, six authors take you on a journey through the portal, but what’s waiting on the other side?

It’s times like this you learn…some paths aren’t meant to be trod.

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