The Hum Drum Blues

So the bills have gotten higher and the money’s gotten low.

Your health is shot to shit, as well as everyone else you know.

You don’t know how to pull it off, this funny thing called life.

I’m sorry things are shitty, and you know, they’re so damned blue.

But we’re in this together, so I guess we’ll make it through.

Because if there’s one I’d never bet against, honey, that is you.

(Inspired by the humans I know. Keep slogging through. It’ll be okay.)


Blogging Fear

I’m terrified of blogging.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But when it comes to blogging, I tell myself all sorts of lies. I tell myself that I don’t have enough time or the proper reach. I tell myself I should be trying to reach more people through Twitter and Facebook. More importantly, if I feel so inspired to write, I should work on my books–give readers something more than this. Maybe write something I can actually make a little money off of so I can tell those around me that being a full-time author is working out, because I’ve got sales.

I find myself in the tired circle, always weighed down by the same facts, wearing the tracks in deeper as I go.

Today for instance, I spent maybe a few hours away from the computer. I spent the whole day tweeting and sharing and liking–and I’m flat out tired. Don’t worry, I doubt I’ll ever quit promoting in such a way, because in my mind, I keep thinking–today could be the day when someone sees the book I’m sharing and takes a chance on my work. I don’t care if they ask me for it if they don’t have enough money to buy it, because I’ve got e-copies and I get the whole strapped-for-cash-but-still-need-books thing. Those are almost my go to readers, that no matter what, they still live and breathe books. But I digress.

The point is, blogging is getting to know someone. And that’s scary. Baring myself online is scary. I’m a writer and like most writers I’m an introvert. I crave the safety of my shell, of telling a story from a safe enough distance that as you’re reading, you no longer hear my voice, but only the story. And I can’t write a story a week or so, because I highly doubt a story drawn up so quickly would be worth reading, unless it was truly inspired and I can’t always promise that.

Which leaves me with a dilemma–how does a storyteller take a chance on blogging? On taking the time to form a coherent string of sentences that actually make a little bit of sense? I don’t know. But for my readers, it’s worth a try. Always worth a try.

Have a lovely day. ❤ And blog on.

Nightmare In The Shadows

The darkly fierce Stephanie Brown with an eye for the gruesome has come out with her latest and greatest to date.

Need a little something with a darker side? Then “Nightmare in the Shadows” is a must.

Nightmare in the Shadows

Nightmare in the Shadows by Stephanie Brown

Newspaper journalist, Colleen Stevens, is enjoying a relaxing vacation visiting her father in Brines, Mo. when she’s called into work. A local serial killer from the area is arrested, and Colleen is asked to sit in on the interviews, only to find out by the request of the murderer, herself.

Stay on the job or walk? That’s what Colleen has to ask herself when she learns that the killer may have the information she is seeking in her mother’s death a decade prior. But can she stick with it once she and those she loves are threatened? Will she risk everything in search of the truth? Or will the dark recesses of the path to the truth be too frightening to wade through?

Murder is a dangerous business.


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Stephanie Brown


About the Author:

Stephanie Brown loved writing at an early age. In fourth grade she
won a blue ribbon award for a school writing contest. After that
writing was her favorite thing. She wrote poems every chance she
As Stephanie grew up she dreamed of writing more than just
poems, and wanted to write books for everyone to enjoy. After
high school she started writing adventures for her friends and
gaming group on a weekly basis.
She also enjoys reading, and doing what she can to support fellow
aspiring authors by encouraging them daily. She is also a proud
supporter of indie authors. Stephanie hopes that someday, in the
near future, her books will be known worldwide.

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Madam La Zuray’s Books

Madam La Zuray chose to set herself free and write something naughty and dirty and good. And so that’s exactly what she did. So far she’s created…

Nookie for the Night Nurse

A nurse who heals with more than Western medicine—she heals with her body, her lips, and even…her heart. Nookie for the Night Nurse

Seduction in the Stacks 2

A seductress of the books—she’s read about romantic heroines for far too long, now it’s her turn to see if the sexy barista can bring out the wild and wanting damsel in her. Seduction in the Stacks

Bucking the Cowboy Cover from T

And a farmhand who can’t resist the bull riding that pulled apart the life he used to have—and the farm manager who addicted to the danger junkies…and maybe, one shirtless cowboy. Bucking the Cowboy


But there’s so much left unwritten…and so many more fantasies to lead. Are you ready for the next naughty read? Make sure not to tell your boss about this one.

Coming Soon…literally. 🙂

Riding the Boss_Madam La Zuray





Madam La Zuray 2

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