Gateway Books

One of my favorite authors is Kim Harrison. I found her book Dead Witch Walking in the library and I started reading it in the car on the way home. It harkened the beginning of my using the library system and the opening up of a while new world. I’m done ways, it feels like the first book that started me REALLY reading, even though I’d truly been a reader all my life.

Something about her books, just opened me up to trying new books, with different covers, different sizes, different styles. Her books made me braver. I so admire the quality of her work, who she is as an artist.

I hope one day that I can help someone be braver and emboldened, to try new books and authors and discover some new worlds that might otherwise not have known about.

Her books were more than just a series. They were a gateway to more artwork that spoke to me and still does today.

How lucky I am to have found the perfect magic of library and book.

I can only wish everyone the same.


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