Dear Reader…

Dear Reader,

How are you? How has life been? Have you read anything good lately? How is the family? I hope all is well and health and happiness have found you on this night.

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I’m sorry, but when it comes to blogging, I’ve never quite found my stride. Editorials have always made me feel a bit awkward, either too wish-wasn’t or too preachy–like I’m a know it all who’s imparting my dime-store wisdom upon you. That makes me cringe. Carmen says that’s just me, that I’ve got a voice inside of me that tells me everything I do is crap, even though people love it. She’s doingher best to combat that voice, but I’ll admit that she’s got quite a road ahead of her. I’m not sure I want to give that voice up, because I’m the brim of superstition–what if that’s what keeps my writing disciplined?

She’s right, though, it would do well for me to stop overthinking things, which is why I think this will be best for me. I’ve been a pen pal for quite awhile, thanks to my friend Livvy, so this doesn’t feel quite as awkward.

There’s not much to report at the moment. Just sitting here typing this up, listening to music and glancing up at the TV screen where NA (Native American) Indians are fighting redcoats. Wonder what it’s called… Also, old battle gear looks sucky. Woof.

That’s about it for the night. I hope you’re doing well. Have you decorated for Halloween? It’s getting awfully close. Goodness, November already…

Have a great night! Take care.




One thought on “Dear Reader…

  1. November means NaNoWriMo, so there is that.

    But in the mean time–Happy Halloween!


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