Dear Reader,

It’s chilly out there! Almost as if it’s November or something.  Though,  wow,  is it beautiful.  Cold as hell,  but lovely,  with a half-moon and the sky that bright gray,  leaves slow drifting on the breeze,  and me, contemplating emptying out the cooker to start a bonfire to sustain me while I try to let the puppy potty in peace.  Poor thing.

How are you? I hope all is well. Have you been staying warm? This is the season for snot,  so please do bundle up. A friend said ginger and lemon help boost your immune system. I’m not sure to what ratio and if there’s some water added in,  so you might want to look that up via the mighty web.

The thing I love about mornings like this despite the attempts to freeze off my tootsies, is how gorgeous it is. It sparks the imagination and helps make for good writing. 😊

I hope your day is lovely. Take care and love always,



Happy Halloween!

Dear Reader,

I hope you had a good Halloween. Did you take part in the tradition of turning off the porch light and eating the candy yourself? Best Halloween tradition. 🙂 We don’t get many trick or treaters here, though I did see Spiderman, a bride, and a hotdog at McDonalds. I hate that earlier today had to be jaded by that stupid truck in New York. Those poor people. I feel so sorry for them and their families.

I love the tradition of getting dressed up and going house to house to get candy. Nowadays I provide my own candy, but I like seeing the tradition continue on.

How has your day been? Is it cold enough for you?

I hope today’s been a good one. Take care.