A Tinfoil Hat of My Own: A Tale of Friendship, Bikers, and Werewolves

Bikers are sort of pissy. So are werewolves.

Dealing with the devastating end to her long-term relationship with Cobweb, Eunice decides to pick up the broken pieces of her heart and glue them back together with the healing song of nature and a nourishing brandy to replenish the soul.

As evening falls on her drunken pity party in the park, it’s time to head home and deal with the consequences of the not-so-anonymous tip to the cops and what she may or may not have done to Cobweb’s bike–and clubhouse.

All thoughts of that end when something bigger than a pissed off biker gets ahold of her–nothing says burning calories like booking it through woods with a mermaid-killing werewolf at your heels.

Will Cobweb miss her? Will Eunice survive?

Friendship, bikers, werewolves, and repurposed tinfoil. Some stories just have it all.

a tinfoil hat

Oh my goodness , poor Eunice she is having a really , really bad day . First she breaks up with her boyfriend and then is cornered and attacked in the park by a gang of werewolves . She might of had a chance to get away if she wasn’t drunk. Things look bleak for our girl Eunice until her knight in shining tinfoil shows up and foils the plans of the wolves .
All I can say about this short story is be prepared to laugh your ass off. Echo has written such a fun and witty short story . The characters are hilarious and you will fall in love with be with tinfoil. Eunice is such a great character . You will laugh when she starts singing . It would be great to see more of these character . See how they are doing . So if you need a laugh and want a great short read this is the story for you
By Tara
This book is everything you want in a book. It is well written, the story flows and it never leaves you. While the story is a bit out there it is a fun read and will will find yourself loving the characters and their quirky ways… You will laugh out loud so many times cause of the logic the character uses.. It is a got to read for a fan of paranormal reads. But also wants something that is light and funny.


Light a Candle For the Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling: A Dark Fairy Tales Novella

If you’ve ever been caught in a riptide, pulled down into the water, then you know me. Or, more accurately, what I’m like when I’m angry.

Delia was beautiful, smart, and kind. He wasn’t. He said he loved her, but he didn’t know what love was. He was manipulative and cruel—more than a thief. A beast.

echo light

By Douglas C. Meeks 

I always find it hard to review short stories because i usually find I was left with too many questions at the end or wanting the story to have been longer.

This was a bit of an exception to that usual result in that I did not feel that there was more story to tell, the ending was adequate for this story. I am a real “revenge junkie” and while I understand she got her revenge I felt we got too much of why he was in the situation we find him in and too little about the actual revenge. This IS a minor complaint but a valid one, this guy was a horrible person and we almost have to assume the punishment fit the crime without really knowing and so we are left with a story of redemption and forgiveness. While obviously there was adequate revenge it felt a bit muted for me.

I should mention that the writing itself was good and if there were any glaring missteps I missed them because I was caught up in the story.

Bottom Line: Great story, the revenge seemed a bit muted but this is a short story and not a novel. The ending was good and again for a short story it was excellent. Highly recommended for those who like something quick to read at times so 4 Stars

By Dii 

What would you do to seek revenge for the brutality forced on your sister, making her a sightless shell of the woman she was meant to be? Eden is special, not quite human, a trait inherited from her grandmother and she has the power to curse the man who broke her sister. Andrew was a brutal husband and Delia died waiting for him to return, her heart, mind and body shattered and disfigured. Two hundred years later, Andrew has become the monster that had lived within him, imprisoned for eternity to suffer for what he did. Only someone as kindhearted as Delia could ask to have the curse lifted. Will her spirit rest easier? Is it time for Eden to let go of her hatred?

In a dark and twisted tale, Echo Shea has given us, pain, loss, torture, revenge and finally emotional healing. Light a Candle for the Beast has depth, atmosphere and a dark fairytale feel that will hold you spellbound from start to finish. Not only does Ms. Shea know how to evoke connection and emotions, she has done it in very few pages. You will walk away satisfied, and slightly mystified at how this author could complete a novel’s worth of story in a short read that can be finished over lunch or when one has a few moments of quiet time to slip away into another world.

I received this copy from Echo Shea in exchange for my honest review and I’m saying get it, you can slip away and be back to reality without anyone knowing you left!


Spooktacular Seductions: A Halloween Romance Anthology (Paranormal Romance)

Falling in love can be terrifying.
Eight tales of spooky romance brought to you just in time for Halloween.
Bewitching Gypsy – Linda Carroll-Bradd
Garden of Souls – Michelle Ziegler
If This Be Madness – Echo Shea
Ghost of a Chance – Lily Carlyle
Do You Believe in Ghosts – Anne Higa
Encantado – Havva Murat
Where Angels Tread – Christy Thomas
Spooky Hollow Café – Lisa A. Adams


echo shea 1The most BeWitching Hauntingly Spooktacular Book I’ve read in a long time!!!!!!

I absolutely LOVE this book and can’t find enough words to describe how exciting this book is!!!!! At first I was numbering them in the order that I was loving these stories but I no longer can. They are all unique in their own way. Each one was different and phenomenal!!!!! I bought this book late in the evening and if it wasn’t because I had to go to sleep, this book would’ve been done in less than eight hours. I couldn’t put it down. When I went to bed I was replaying the stories in my head. Feeling the magic and tenderness. I wish each of these authors would continue working together and make a yearly short story Halloween Paranormal Romance Book 2. I’m usually not too much into romance but the romance in these stories were nice and low-key. Nothing exotic or forever mushy.

I promise you whoever buys this book won’t be sorry!!!! I am buying 25 more for book club to give as Halloween treats!!!!!!!